David Yeiser

Product Designer
David is a designer and developer who likes to work where design meets code. He has worked on the web for a long time and enjoys designing interfaces and writing JavaScript. If given the chance, he'd eat typography cake any day.
8 new things you can do in the Nextmv console for DecisionOps

From configuring model options to performing experiments on subscribed apps, there’s a whole lot more you can do in the Nextmv console to accelerate the development of your decision algorithms.

Release: Shadow testing for decision models in Nextmv

Shadow testing isn’t just for the MLOps crowd. Decision algorithm teams can have it too for their optimization models solving routing, scheduling, allocation, and fulfillment problems across supply chain, retail, healthcare, and more.

Building a docs site with Next.js and Markdoc

We built a docs site that references code samples from external files to avoid copy-paste errors, makes it easier to manage code updates over time, and allows for separate testing processes to be run to validate referenced code. Here’s how.

New views in Nextmv Cloud

Nextmv Cloud has a new look and new charts to help you better understand and refine your routing results.

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