Build decision models with confidence: Working with testing in optimization

Optimization model testing plays a key role in ensuring smooth yet improving business operations. But the testing universe is big and sometimes unwieldy. Learn how to get started with a unified decision model testing framework.

Several people are optimizing: Collaborative workflows for decision model operations

The next era of optimization isn't about building a better solver. It's about collaborative, opinionated tooling that empowers teams to move faster with less confusion and more access to the decision technology ecosystem.

Deploy a HiGHS MIP knapsack model with a custom endpoint

Access your HiGHS model remotely. Deploy your model as an app to Nextmv Cloud in minutes.

Best practices for customizing your model in 30 minutes

With Nextmv, you can customize an optimization model for your use case without wading into linear inequalities. From creating your own value function to adding custom constraints, learn best practices for representing business logic as code.

Route optimization for food, beverage, and less-than-truckload (LTL) delivery

From tight delivery windows to refrigeration controls, route optimization models for food, beverage, and LTL delivery often require customization and rapid deployment to keep pace with business operations. Learn how to use Nextmv for this use case.

Route optimization for package and parcel delivery

Efficiently scale your delivery volume and service areas without adding stress to your operators or drivers. We’ll show you how to use Nextmv to automate and optimize routing: start with a pre-built decision model, customize your model to fit your needs, and deploy it to production.