Marius Merschformann

Decision engineer
Marius fell in love with complex decision problems early on during his studies. He worked on numerous optimization algorithms and simulation models, mostly in the automation and robotics industry. Apart from that, you can find him 3D-printing for DIY projects or downhill longboarding.
Plot your routes on a map with open source visualization tool, Nextplot

How do the routes look? Are they clustered? Are there any stops outside the region? Answer these questions and more with an open source route plotting tool that allows for easy, customized styling.

The Nextmv OR-Tools integration: Quickly deploy and test OR-Tools models

We’re thrilled to announce our integration with OR-Tools – pairing production-ready infrastructure, version management, and testing capabilities with the modeling libraries and solvers you know and love.

Find better routes faster with hybrid optimization on Nextmv Cloud

We’re pleased to add Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search (ALNS) to Nextmv Cloud — making every decision more efficient by finding more improving solutions faster.

An introduction to Nextplot for open source plotting with JSON

Marius shares the origin story of Nextplot, explains how it's built, and demonstrates how to use it for plotting points and routes.

Nextplot demo: An open source route visualization tool for JSON

Learn how to use Nextplot to visualize points, routes, and more on a map.

Build, test, and deploy an OR-Tools MIP model in Python

Learn how to solve mixed integer programming (MIP) problems with Google’s OR-Tools for use cases like scheduling, order fulfillment, packing and more. Then promote an updated model to production using CI/CD.

Deploying an OR-Tools model to production

Launch your OR-Tools model into production as a decision microservice with a simple copy/paste in Python using the Nextmv OR-Tools integration.

Operationalizing Google OR-Tools models

Learn how to integrate a new or existing OR-Tools model into production systems using Nextmv and its infrastructure, testing capabilities, and collaboration features to create a repeatable workflow to production.

Tools for benchmarking and testing in the optimization space

Which solver or algorithm performs better for your use case? How does your model perform under stress? See a preview of how the Nextmv platform can streamline benchmarking instances, testing scenarios, and more.