Operationalizing Google OR-Tools models

Bring your completely built or work-in-progress OR-Tools model and get it into production faster and with more confidence using Nextmv. Whether you’re solving a vehicle routing problem (VRP), a mixed integer programming (MIP) problem, or any other optimization problem in OR-Tools, you can build, deploy, and test your model with Nextmv.

In this techtalk, learn how to perform experiments like batch tests, acceptance tests, and shadow tests into your development workflows to create a repeatable DecisionOps flow that spans from model creation through to production launch. Compare model updates, solver configurations, and more with Nextmv’s built-in testing framework that visualizes impacted KPIs through a shareable UI. 

Key topics

  • Deploy your OR-Tools model remotely in minutes with Python
  • Run experiments on different models and solving paradigms
  • Incorporate testing into your dev workflows for more confident production rollouts

In the meantime, learn more about the OR-Tools integration and give Nextmv a try for free — it only takes 5 minutes. And feel free to dive into our documentation or contact us to learn more.

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