Ryan O'Neil

Co-Founder & CTO
Ryan O'Neil led the Decision Engineering department at Grubhub and Zoomer, which owned forecasting, scheduling, routing, and simulation. Ryan worked as an Operations Research Analyst at MITRE, and led software teams at The Washington Post, Yhat, and Polimetrix. During this, he earned a PhD in Operations Research at George Mason University, and wrote his dissertation on real time routing for pickup and delivery problems.‍
You need a solver. What is a solver?

Solvers are a source of an invisible kind of magic. When they’re absent, we notice. So what are they, how do you use one, and why do you need one?

Binaries are beautiful

Building decision models into binaries is a beautiful thing. It eliminates a lot of sticky deployment processes and gets you to production faster.

How Hop Hops

How does Hop make decisions?

Several people are optimizing: Collaborative workflows for decision model operations

The next era of optimization isn't about building a better solver. It's about collaborative, opinionated tooling that empowers teams to move faster with less confusion and more access to the decision technology ecosystem.

Decision diagrams in operations research, optimization, vehicle routing, and beyond

In the beginning there was linear programming. It spawned decades of similarly-shaped solver offshoots. Decision diagrams break with this classic paradigm and offer new opportunities to solve common optimization problems.

In conversation with Dr. Karla Hoffman about optimization and operations research

Is optimization a solved problem? How does it fit into modern business models such as on-demand delivery? What does it mean to model like an operator? We’ll ask Dr. Hoffman these questions and more.

Decision model, meet production

Nextmv is removing the roadblocks for going from optimization problem definition to production environment. This makes optimization easier for operations researchers and more accessible to developers. See what this looks like and watch a demo.