Java support for the Nextmv OR-Tools integration: Build, test, deploy decision models faster

Do you use Java and OR-Tools to model optimization problems? The Nextmv OR-Tools integration now supports Java – making it easier to operationalize Java-based models using our DecisionOps platform.

Plot your routes on a map with open source visualization tool, Nextplot

How do the routes look? Are they clustered? Are there any stops outside the region? Answer these questions and more with an open source route plotting tool that allows for easy, customized styling.

Introducing switchback testing: A/B testing for decision models with network effects

See the real-world impacts of a candidate model with a switchback test that randomly assigns units of production runs to each model. Start a switchback test, analyze the results, and promote a new model to production all in the Nextmv console.

8 new things you can do in the Nextmv console for DecisionOps

From configuring model options to performing experiments on subscribed apps, there’s a whole lot more you can do in the Nextmv console to accelerate the development of your decision algorithms.

Assign workers to shifts with a low-code scheduling app

In a few clicks, you can spin up, configure, and run a Nextmv decision app that assigns workers to flexible or fixed shifts. Use a unique API endpoint to automate shift scheduling for delivery, healthcare, education, retail use cases, and more.

An introduction to Nextplot for open source plotting with JSON

Marius shares the origin story of Nextplot, explains how it's built, and demonstrates how to use it for plotting points and routes.

Assigning workers to shifts with the Nextmv Shift Scheduling app

With the Nextmv Shift Scheduling app, you can start automating shift scheduling decisions in minutes.

From zero to customizable decision model in minutes with Nextmv

Register to watch a presentation, demo, and AMA time with the Nextmv team. Get an overview of the newly released custom decision optimization platform, see it in action, and check out a preview of our multi-solver capabilities.