Tools for benchmarking and testing in the optimization space

As an OR specialist or developer looking to solve an optimization problem, you may need to evaluate how a given solver and its configuration impacts performance. As an operator, you may need to test how models perform under different conditions. We’re developing tools to make these processes easier. 

At Nextmv, we run benchmarks internally to evaluate performance across different types and versions of solvers. Our teams also track how various models and their configurations affect use case specific KPIs. To simplify our internal development, we’re building functionality into the Nextmv CLI and console to make running these tests and creating visualizations as simple as hitting ‘run’.

Watch as we demo a preview of these tools and share guided workflows with our users.

Key takeaways

  • Preview of using the Nextmv CLI to benchmark solver performance, including commands for table and plot creation
  • Preview of using the Nextmv CLI to test model behavior under different scenarios

Get started with Nextmv for free and learn more in the documentation.

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