8 new things you can do in the Nextmv console for DecisionOps

From configuring model options to performing experiments on subscribed apps, there’s a whole lot more you can do in the Nextmv console to accelerate the development of your decision algorithms.

We’ve been busy building tools to support DecisionOps (think DevOps for optimization). Last month we released a slew of new features that enhance the Nextmv console experience for algorithm developers — from statistical results for experiments to instance management of marketplace apps . Sign up for a Nextmv account (and free trial) for instant access to everything in this post. 

Run your app directly from the console

Quickly run an input file by copying and pasting the JSON into the code editor. Select your app, navigate to the “Runs” section, and click “Create a new run.” Drop your input into the code box, give the run an optional name and description, and you’re ready to make a new run. After the run completes, the result of the run will be displayed.

Access the entire run history of an app

See every run that’s been made with your app for simpler troubleshooting and increased visibility into app performance. Click the “Load more” button that appears under the run history table, then search and sort your results to find the run you’re looking for. 

Manage instances of subscribed marketplace apps 

Now you can take control of model updates and iterations by creating instances for marketplace apps you subscribe to (just like you’ve been able to do for custom apps). Create different instances per geographic region, environment, development stage, or anything around which you’d like to organize your operations.

Configure options for instances

Specify configurable options (like constraints and solver duration) directly in the console when you’re creating an instance for subscribed or custom apps. After you run the app, you can view which config options were used on the run details page.

Nextmv Routing app options

Nextmv Shift Scheduling app options

Perform experiments on subscribed marketplace apps

Create batch, acceptance, and shadow tests for any of your subscribed apps to understand the impacts of model changes to KPIs and incorporate testing into your dev workflows. Ensure that updates to your model are having the intended impacts on both historical data (with acceptance tests) and production data (with shadow tests).

Analyze statistical results for acceptance tests

Verify the significance of your results so you can move forward with confidence. We’ve added a “Statistical Results” table to each metric summary section that displays the difference in the mean value of the metric, the percent change of this difference, and a p-value. 

Keep an eye on usage (number of runs made)

A new page in the Team section displays the number of runs that have been made for the team. Change account/team views by selecting it from the top navigation bar.

Select admins for your team

Grant admin access to members of your team for strategic collaboration. Admins are able to invite new members, remove members, and change the roles of other team members.

Get the full Nextmv experience

Check out all of these updates for yourself by signing up for a free Nextmv account.

Eager to learn more? Want to chat with the team? Schedule a call or email us directly to learn about how we can help automate and solve your optimization problems. 

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