Nextmv + Onfleet: Partnership Announcement

It’s now easier than ever to pair Nextmv's extensible route optimization engine with Onfleet's dispatch and fleet management platform to give customers more control over automated route assignment while flexibly representing customer business logic and rules.

At Nextmv, one of our core goals is to invest in the decision automation ecosystem. With a developer-first focus on the products we create, it’s important for us to be where our customers are and build decision automation experiences that fit naturally into their software stack. 

With this in mind, we’re happy to announce our formal partnership with Onfleet, the last-mile delivery solution for companies such as Drizly, Kroger, and Gap. Together, we’re making it easier to let customers integrate Nextmv’s extensible route optimization engine with Onfleet’s best-in-class dispatch and fleet management. 

As the demand for transporting people, goods, and services continues to accelerate, so too does the demand for smooth vehicle dispatch and routing operations. Operational performance is tied to profitability through business goals and KPIs ranging from customer satisfaction to workforce wellness. 

Meeting the demands of a multi-sided marketplace necessitates flexible, easy-to-use tooling that scales with the business. In our customer conversations, we often hear that building an end-to-end fleet management solution in house isn’t a reasonable option. It requires hard-to-find expertise as well as ongoing maintenance and management to adapt to real-world changes and updated business needs. 

When it comes to dispatch and fleet management, most end-to-end solutions consist of several components: UIs for managing vehicle dispatch and deliveries, mobile apps for coordinating with drivers and displaying turn-by-turn directions, analytics for measuring performance, and route optimization engines for efficiently automating route planning and assignment. 

At Nextmv, we provide a decision automation platform for developers looking to solve a variety of operational problems — from vehicle routing to workforce scheduling, budget allocation, and more. With Nextmv's flexible APIs, developers can quickly build, test, and deploy decision engines in modern technology stacks at speed and scale.

In working with our customers and the Onfleet team, we saw a great opportunity to formally pair our decision automation capabilities with Onfleet’s platform and provide integrated access to our extensible route optimization engine. 

As a result, we released the Nextmv Onfleet integration. This certified integration gives customers more control over their route optimization by combining Onfleet’s dispatch and fleet management platform with Nextmv’s extensible route optimization engine. 

Whether businesses are just starting out or scaling quickly, the need to represent unique business logic and rules remains a constant. This integration is ideal for customers seeking more control over their route optimization capabilities — from customizing optimization runtime to testing and evaluating routes to representing business logic with multi-stop delivery precedence, timeliness, route limits, and more. 

To get started with the Nextmv Onfleet integration, create a free Nextmv Cloud account and start a Premium trial. You can also learn more about the integration by reading the announcement blog, watching the demo video, and diving into the documentation.

We’re thrilled to partner with Onfleet. We’re even more excited about adding more value to our customer’s dispatch and fleet management operations, in addition to creating opportunities for more decision automation with additional use cases and more customization options.

If you’d like to learn more by talking to one of our decision automation experts, send us a note.

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