Release roundup: a decision counter, duration groups, and new OSRM features

Want to see how many decisions you’ve made this month? Need to add extra time to groups of stops? Here’s the latest rundown on Nextmv features.

Welcome to the latest edition of the monthly release roundup! We shipped updates that improve account management as well as new features for both Nextmv Cloud and our SDK offering.

The latest on Nextmv Cloud

Nextmv Cloud makes it easy to plan and optimize routes via our API and demo space. 

Account management: decision counter

What does the decision counter do?

Like you may have already guessed, this section of the Account Dashboard in the Nextmv Cloud console keeps a running count of the total number of decisions that have been used for the current month. 

When should I use the decision counter?

Keep an eye on the usage bar to track how many decisions you’ve used for the month –  and plan for the amount you’ll likely need in the future. If you’d like to increase this limit, reach out to our sales team with any questions.

Learn more about decisions and getting started with Nextmv Cloud

New feature: duration groups

What does the duration groups feature do?

The duration groups feature sets an additional duration time to a set of stops that gets applied once (every time one or more stops in the group are visited). This additional duration is added to the individual stop duration for more accurate ETAs.

When should I use duration groups?

Are there stops that should be grouped together on the same route that require extra time to service?

Are there groups of similar stops (that can be assigned to separate routes) that require extra time to service? 

Use duration groups when visiting a specific group of stops that require more time like individual stops in an apartment complex. These stops may need an additional minute or two due to security gates, elevators, or tricky parking.

Learn more about duration groups in the docs

The latest on Nextmv SDK

Want to see what’s possible with our SDK offering? Check out the docs

OSRM measure feature: `SnapRadius`

What does `SnapRadius` do? 

`SnapRadius` ensures points are on a road network and within the hosted area. Requested distances to and from points that are outside the hosted area (set at a default radius of 1000m) will return this error: “One of the supplied input coordinates could not snap to street segment.”

When should I use `SnapRadius`?

Do you want to ensure that all stops on a route are within a certain radius? 

Use `SnapRadius`to make sure that a point in Phoenix that may have been accidentally included doesn’t throw a wrench into your route optimization for the Toronto region. 

Learn more about `SnapRadius`in the docs

OSRM measure feature: `ScaleFactor`

What does `ScaleFactor` do? 

`ScaleFactor` allows you to multiply durations by a factor when using a ‘DurationMatrix’ with the OSRM measure. 

When should I use `ScaleFactor`?

Are there instances when you want to increase or decrease the returned duration?

You may want to scale the duration due to known factors like traffic conditions during rush hour.

Learn more about `ScaleFactor` in the docs

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