Haley Eshagh

Head of Marketing
Haley started her career exploring the worlds of neuroscience and medicine and then wandered into writing and learning about spacecraft, searchcraft, and now decisioncraft.
Optimization, the OR universe, and everything: In conversation with Karla Hoffman

Are AI, ML, and OR the same or different? Is operations research a solved problem? How do you know if you’re ready for optimization? We asked industry veteran Karla Hoffman these questions and more.

Release roundup: Nextmv CLI & SDK, MIP solving, and more templates

Catch up on the latest from Nextmv, including a CLI-guided workflow, our customizable SDK, a new MIP solving interface, and models for PagerDuty scheduling and more.

GoBolt: Delivering on third-party logistics with a sustainable mindset

As part of meeting their goal of being carbon negative by the end of 2023, GoBolt sought out a customizable solution for automating their vehicle routing operations in order to efficiently scale the efforts of their existing teams.

Optimization, why it matters, how it’s changing, and more — an interview with Thiago Serra

From software development to operations research to the classroom, Professor Thiago Serra has experienced the world of optimization through many lenses. We chatted with him to learn more.

Calculating distance and duration for route optimization problems

There are many ways to think about calculating distance and duration between points or indices. From Euclidean to Haversine to OSRM, RoutingKit, Google Maps, and beyond, we have a look.

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