Haley Eshagh

Head of Marketing
Haley started her career exploring the worlds of neuroscience and medicine and then wandered into writing and learning about spacecraft, searchcraft, and now decisioncraft.
Kale AI on last-mile cargo bike operations and a greener urban logistics future

A look at how one startup is supporting sustainable and resilient city design by optimizing urban delivery logistics — starting with dispatch apps designed for eco-friendly operators.

To change my decision model, or not? That’s not a question. It’s a test.

Change can be scary or energizing. But when it comes to developing and deploying algorithms that make routing, scheduling, and fulfillment decisions, ready-made testing tools tilt the balance in favor of energizing by building confidence.

The o10n speedrun

Decision optimization technology plays a critical role in everyday operations — food delivery, healthcare staffing, and subscription box assembly — but it can often stand in its own way. It doesn’t have to.

Optimization, the OR universe, and everything: In conversation with Karla Hoffman

Are AI, ML, and OR the same or different? Is operations research a solved problem? How do you know if you’re ready for optimization? We asked industry veteran Karla Hoffman these questions and more.

Release roundup: Nextmv CLI & SDK, MIP solving, and more templates

Catch up on the latest from Nextmv, including a CLI-guided workflow, our customizable SDK, a new MIP solving interface, and models for PagerDuty scheduling and more.

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