Build decision models with confidence: Working with testing in optimization

Optimization model testing plays a key role in ensuring smooth yet improving business operations. But the testing universe is big and sometimes unwieldy. Learn how to get started with a unified decision model testing framework.

Does a solver change improve solutions? Can our decision model handle a surge in demand? How are employees impacted by new business logic? Are we ready to roll out a new optimization model change? Testing and experimentation are key techniques for answering these questions (and more) across business units. However, setting up, implementing, and maintaining a testing framework is often a bespoke buildout or relegated to an aspirational “someday” project.

In this techtalk, Tiffany (Bogich) Patella and Carolyn Mooney will walk through the development of a unified testing framework, the building blocks needed to deliver helpful user experiences, and a demo of these testing capabilities.

Key highlights

  • Overview of optimization model testing types
  • Challenges and opportunities with optimization model testing
  • Demo and walkthrough of optimization model tests and experiments

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