Java support for the Nextmv OR-Tools integration: Build, test, deploy decision models faster

Do you use Java and OR-Tools to model optimization problems? The Nextmv OR-Tools integration now supports Java – making it easier to operationalize Java-based models using our DecisionOps platform.

We’re continuing to improve our OR-Tools integration by offering support for Java-based decision models. Now you can accelerate decision model development and deploy your Java OR-Tools model as a decision microservice with the Nextmv platform. See it in action in the demo video below and get started with a free account: 

Java + OR-Tools + Nextmv’s DecisionOps platform

Bring your complete or work-in-progress Java OR-Tools model to Nextmv – and operationalize it using the platform to build, test, and deploy it with confidence.

Build upon your existing OR-Tools models in Java 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a model, it’s easy to take the next steps to production.

Use the modeling tools and solvers that ship with OR-Tools including: 

  • Linear programming (LP) –  Glop solver (and others)
  • Mixed integer programming (MIP) –  SCIP solver (and others)
  • Constraint programming (CP)
  • Vehicle routing problems (VRPs)

Head to the community apps repo to see the full example.

Create a dedicated endpoint for your Java OR-Tools model 

Turn your decision model into a decision service with a few commands. As soon as you push your app to Nextmv cloud, your app has a unique API endpoint making it simple to integrate it into your existing systems. 

Run experiments and implement CI/CD

Perform batch or acceptance tests to understand how your candidate Java OR-Tools model performs against historical data. Move to online experiments like shadow and switchback tests to see how your candidate model compares to your baseline model using live, production data. Then incorporate CI/CD into your development workflows to streamline your path to production.

Manage models and collaborate 

Create versions and instances of your Java OR-Tools models to track development, partition your data, and isolate environments such as staging and production, different geographical regions, and more.

How to get started with OR-Tools in Java 

You can run your model locally by following the directions in the documentation. To deploy to the Nextmv platform, follow these steps: 

  1. Create a free Nextmv account and start a free trial
  2. Download the Nextmv SDK
  3. Clone the ‘knapsack-java-ortools’ community app (which can be updated to handle other use cases)
  4. Deploy the app to Nextmv Cloud to run remotely

That’s it! You’re ready to make runs, perform experiments, push new versions to production, and share it all with your team. And that’s just the start. You can customize from there or copy-paste in an existing Java-based OR-Tools model into Nextmv. 

Have questions? Check out our documentation, start a discussion in our forum, or reach out to us directly

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