Solve for the best decisions in the time you have

Whether you’re assigning drivers to routes, assigning shifts, or packing palettes, the easy-to-deploy Nextmv solver finds the best operational decision with your business rules in mind.

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Developer friendly

Work with your
decisions as code

If you know how to develop software, you can work with Nextmv. We make decisions testable, repeatable, and configurable. They fit into existing CI/CD and changes are versioned just like the rest of your code.  

No advanced training is required. Easily connect the dots between JSON data input and output with state machines — not polyhedral representations or matrix math.


Deploy and deliver
smooth operations

Nextmv seamlessly deploys in cloud, serverless, and microservices architectures. Go from development to production with a one-line code change. No magic, no surprises. It’s really just that easy.

And as your business rules change — hyperlocal trends emerge, SLAs change, and demand increases — you can simply customize your decision strategies to keep costs down and keep pace with everyday change.


Solve at the scale
your business

Whether it’s more volume, increased complexity, or new use cases, Nextmv makes it easy to make decisions that scale with your business.

Grow from 50 to 500 to 50,000+

No matter how you’re scaling — orders, shifts, drivers, employees, deliveries, you name it — Nextmv keeps pace with your operations.

Modify decision logic on the fly

From time windows to break times, vehicle range to compatibility attributes, Nextmv lets you represent the reality of your business.

Unify the decision experience

All decisions — routing, scheduling, packing — look and feel the same, making it easy to implement for new use cases.


Solve with multiple paradigms

One solve size doesn’t always fit all. Nextmv’s hybrid optimization framework (we call it Hop) enables multi-paradigm solving. Inspired by established operations research techniques, Nextmv makes it easy to use a decision diagram for route optimization and add in heuristics with adaptive large neighborhood search to find improving solutions faster. And there are more paradigms on the way.


Experiment with

Continuously test and experiment with your decision workflows under different conditions with Nextmv’s simulation capabilities. What if I configured my app differently? How does my plan change with increased volume? Nextmv integrates solving and simulation into a single stack experience.

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