Iterate on your
decisions with simulation

Experiment with your decisions as conditions change and opportunities arise. Nextmv simulation capabilities empowers developers to experiment with decisions without touching production systems.

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Simulate “what if” scenarios

Run online tests of your algorithms to improve your decisions with confidence and cost efficiency. Simulation makes it easy to find the one that performs the best.

Run online tests

Easily use production data — not outdated historical summaries — to run through A/A, A/B, A/C test scenarios.

Shorten testing cycles

Simultaneously run multiple algorithms in simulations instead of working through weeks of switchback testing.

Increase confidence

Capture alternate plans on the same data continuously to feel good about your go-live decision.


Generate inputs for stress testing

Continuously understand the expected behaviors of your Nextmv app against your business KPIs with generated simulation files. How does it perform under the current volume of orders? What if they increase 10x? What if the geography changes?

Simulation for fuzz testing helps you understand and fine tune the configuration of your Nextmv app.


Pair simulation with
powerful solving

Two worlds have collided. Nextmv’s simulation capabilities sit alongside established optimization solving capabilities. In fact, we view simulation as just another solving technique, making the transition between solving and testing seamless.


Deploy easily

Nextmv’s simulation capabilities seamlessly run in event-based architectures and serverless environments — from Lambda to S3, HTTP, and more. Go from development to production with a one-line code change. No magic, no surprises. It’s really just that easy.

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