Operationalize your OR-Tools model with Nextmv

Efficiently develop, test, deploy, and manage OR-Tools decision models for operational use on scalable infrastructure with the Nextmv OR-Tools integration.

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Create an OR-Tools decision service in minutes

Don’t worry about creating an EC2 instance, invoking Lambda, or wrapping your model in a microservice.

With Nextmv, you can push and manage OR-Tools models to a remote environment, create multiple instances, and get set of unique API endpoints for making runs, tests, and more.

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Bring your own custom OR-Tools decision model

Use the modeling tools and solvers that ship with OR-Tools including: 

  • Linear programming (LP): Glop solver
  • Mixed integer programming (MIP): SCIP solver
  • Constraint programming (CP): CP-SAT solver
  • Vehicle routing problems (VRPs): specialized library
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Perform historical and online tests to roll out with confidence

Run historical tests (like batch tests and acceptance tests) then perform online tests with production data (like shadow tests and switchback tests) that compare the output of multiple models in a few clicks.

Share results with your teammates and collaborate on the same decision apps directly in the console.

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Integrate with CI/CD and Git workflows

Inspired by Git flow, Nextmv facilitates testing integrations at different stages of the OR-Tools decision modeling and deployment process in order to reduce risk.

Not only do CI/CD practices help you ship higher quality code faster, they help you account for decision quality and problem drift, and stakeholder transparency.

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See OR-Tools and Nextmv in action

Deploy an existing model or accelerate the development of a new OR-Tools optimization model with acceptance testing, online shadow testing, CI/CD with GitHub Actions, and more.

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