Run in cloud, serverless, microservices architectures

Get your decision stack into production faster. Easily deploy Nextmv in the environment you choose. Nextmv is JSON in, JSON out, so it fits anywhere. Run in Docker containers, on Heroku or Kubernetes, or on Lambda with S3 triggers, and more.

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Input, output

JSON in, JSON out

Nextmv runners read formatted JSON input from files, standard in, or payloads and then write JSON output — making it compatible with your systems regardless of what they are, where they’re deployed, or what language they’re written in.

This data flow makes it easy for you to read, easy to integrate, and inspires best practices for repeatable decision infrastructure.

Ship It

Go from dev to prod with one line of code

Nextmv runners are designed to make going from development to production consistent and easy as you iterate and improve your decisions. Test a decision in one environment and, once you’re happy, ship your decision stack to another.

Start with a simple curl request to Nextmv Cloud API or use prebuilt runners for CLI, HTTP, and Lambda on your own infrastructure — and we’re adding new ones all the time.


Pick your deployment pattern

Manage decisions and changes to your software in the same workflow. Easily take Nextmv apps and integrate them into your CI/CD.

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